Aqua antibiotics are made by Midland Vet Services , serve as a remedy for bacterial infections in fish and can be obtained without a prescription. Available in various forms, including  tablets and  capsules .

Our Fish antibiotics area very useful addition to a fish-health manager's box that helps to eliminate bacterial growth. They don’t cure a fish themselves but control the population growth of bacteria in a fish. The ability of our fish antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection depends upon;

  • Is the bacterial component involved in the selected problem?
  • How are the dosage and treatment intervals used?

We have a diverse range of fish antibiotics to keep your fish friends swimmingly happy and healthy. We don't sell fish antibiotics for humans because these are non-prescription. We provide a complete of list fish antibiotics such as;

Aqua mox ( amoxicillin)

Aqua ceph ( Cephalexin )

Aqua cipro ( Ciprofloxacin )

Aqua zithro ( Azithromycin )

Aqua zole ( Metronidazole )

Aqua doxy ( Doxycycline )

Aqua Pen  ( Penicillin )

Aqua SMZ/TMP ( Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim )

Why Should You Buy Our Fish Antibiotics ?

If you’re looking for reliable antibiotics for your fish friends, we offer fish antibiotics for sale.

  • All our fish antibiotics are USP grade and manufactured by the world's famous pharmaceutical companies.
  • They all have high potency and contain pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients to make your aquarium colorful again.
  • The fish antibiotics we sell; don’t contain any binder, filler, dyes, excipients, and other unknown substances.
  • They are capable of controlling the population growth of harmful bacteria in a fish long enough for its immune system to eliminate them.
  • We provide a cost-effective solution to make your fish friends healthier and happy.

So why wait? You can find a diverse range of fish antibiotics; contact us today for fast shipping orders!