Aqua mox (amoxicillin)

Aqua mox (amoxicillin) , manufactured by Midland Vet Services, is a top-tier Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Antibiotic. This broad-spectrum antibiotic does not require a prescription and is specifically formulated for fish use. The active ingredient, amoxicillin, effectively halts bacterial multiplication, proving to be bactericidal against certain gram-negative and all gram-positive bacteria.

Aqua Mox is a valuable treatment option for a variety of common bacterial diseases in fish, encompassing conditions caused by the Mycobacterial group (chondrococcus and gill disease), Pseudomonas genera, Aeromonas, red pest, fin rot, and dropsy.

Available in two strengths, Aqua Mox comes in 250 mg and 500 mg forms. Each bottle of this antibiotic is carefully sealed for safety and includes detailed instructions for its use in fish, along with the expiration date to ensure its efficacy.