fish antibiotics Cephalexin

Fish cephalexin is a broad-spectrum, non-prescription fish antibiotic manufactured to treat various bacterial infections in fish. Cephalexin is a famous antibiotic that inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis, leading to cell death.

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Each bottle of fish cephalexin is sealed for safety and has an instruction manual. Fish Flex and Fish Flex Forte (cephalexin) effectively treat bacteria-associated diseases such as infected eyes, Tail Rot, Gill Diseases, and Skin Ulcerations.


Use one capsule of fish cephalexin per 10 gallons of water. Open the capsule and directly dissolve it in the aquarium. We recommend changing the partial water between the treatments and repeating the process within 24 hours. It is good to continue the medication process for five days for better results. If you don't notice any improvement within five days, discontinue the medication process. 

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